BayCare Physician Partners FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for BayCare Physician Partners Clinically Integrated Network

  • Can you explain the Performance Incentive Programs available for participating members?

    The principal purpose of BayCare Physician Partners Clinically Integrated Network (BPP CIN) is to create a clinically integrated network that enhances the quality and efficiency of patient care services provided by participating members. When physicians join, they agree to work with BPP CIN to meet clinical performance goals and objectives. BPP CIN uses these goals and objectives as the basis to negotiate contracts with local payers to create the Network’s Performance Incentive Programs. Payers will send any shared savings generated to BPP CIN, which in turn will be distributed to participating members who achieve clinical and efficiency performance standards, measured by the established goals and objectives.

  • Who is involved in the planning and decision making for BayCare Physician Partners?

    A key element of BPP CIN's organizational design is that physicians play a main role in the governance and oversight of the Network’s clinical initiatives and programs. As a result, we have over 75 physicians as part of the BPP CIN governance team. The Board of Directors and the Board committees are comprised predominantly of physicians, and we have a representative balance of independent and BayCare-employed doctors, representing primary care and specialists throughout Tampa Bay.

  • What are the expectations for participating members of BayCare Physician Partners?

    Under the BPP CIN Participation Agreement, participating members agree to support and participate in the Network's clinical integration programs, participate in the performance-based incentive compensation pool and authorize the funding of Performance Incentive Programs from shared savings payable under contacts negotiated by the Network on behalf of participating members. Participating members also agree to:

    • Actively participate in clinical integration programs, initiatives and measures adopted by the Network
    • Comply with all applicable terms of the Network Participation Agreement and all policies, rules and regulations
    • Commit to share claims data on patients covered by the Network’s contracts, honor in-Network referrals and participate in Network activities
    • Maintain appropriate technological protocols, including e-mail communication and high-speed internet
    • Commit to beginning the adoption of an electronic health record within two years of membership
    • Comply with the Network’s Legal Compliance Program
    • Complete training programs
    • Cooperate in good faith to investigate any complaints made by patients served under the Network contracts and work to resolve complaints in a reasonable timeframe
    • Participate in the Network’s quality assurance, utilization review and risk management programs and serve on committees as requested by the network from time to time
    • Participate in ongoing audits and quality assurance monitoring activities
    • Comply with clinical protocols, criteria and procedures developed by the Network to ensure consistency and quality of services provided under the contracts
    • Ensure all services provided in connection with the Network are rendered in a competent and professional manner, consistent with continuous quality improvement standards
  • If I become a participating member, does that mean I will be an employee of BayCare?

    No. Independent physicians who become participating members of the Network will remain as independent contractors and not employees of BayCare or the Network. With the exception of what is included in the BPP CIN Participation Agreement, BPP CIN will not exercise any control over how participating members do business and how they practice medicine.

  • What are the benefits of being part of a Clinically Integrated Network and Accountable Care Organization?
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